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278 Main Street Entrance to The Collection on Main

Vintage & New Home Decor

The Collection
On Main

Discover the charm of vintage home decor at The Collection on Main located in Independence, Oregon. Step into a world where true beauty lies in the unconventional and time-tested. Our locally sourced collection brings together a unique blend of new and vintage items that will add character and personality to your home.

True beauty often lies in the unconventional and the time-tested.

Not your usual stuffy antique store

Where vintage meets adventure! Step into a world of delightful surprises as you explore our not-so-usual antique store. With unique and fun treasures awaiting your discovery, each visit feels like a thrilling treasure hunt. Our locally sourced collection of new and vintage home decor is carefully curated to  bring life and excitement to your home.

Restored Furniture

Each meticulously crafted piece undergoes a transformative revitalization process, breathing new life into cherished vintage treasures. Our talented vendors, driven by their unique vision, pour their heart and soul into every creation, ensuring that the end result is a true masterpiece, unmatched and utterly extraordinary.


Fully FUnctional

Where vintage meets sustainability. With each carefully selected item, we bring you a piece of history that not only reduces waste but also adds a touch of uniqueness to your life. Our commitment to ensuring all our items are fully functioning means that you can indulge in the joy of owning something extraordinary.


We have a unique collection of hats, tops, sweaters, jackets, dresses, & more!

Pots & Plants

Ever home needs a little green! We have a fun collection of easy-to-care-for plant and pots just wating for a new home.


Each vendor brings in their own unique finds.


Come, stay, and sniff all our candles! Just be sure to take home your favorites!


We have a unique collection of hats, tops, sweaters, jackets, dresses, & more!

General Finishes

Complete your restoration project with our favorite brand of paint – General Finishes. It’s self-leveling and has low VOC.
Unsure where to begin? We’re here to help and share what works best for us!

Old is the NEw New

Embrace the timeless appeal of retro elements at The Collection, where individuals infuse their lives with a sense of history and charm. Gone are the days when the latest and shiniest dominated the forefront of style. Here, a delightful fusion of classic and contemporary elements takes center stage. By embracing the richness of history, we revel in the beauty of imperfections and celebrate the enduring allure of the past while infusing it with the spirit of the present.

One oF A Kind

Discover the enchanting world of The Collection, where cherished treasures await your exploration. Step into a realm where time stands still and stories come alive. Each unique and vintage item holds a precious history, an irreplaceable tale that weaves a nostalgic tapestry of character. From meticulously handcrafted art to lovingly restored furniture and exquisite clothing, these extraordinary finds embody not only authenticity and individuality, but also serve as tangible links to the skilled craftspeople and passionate collectors who have graced them upon this cherished path.

& Sustainable

Experience the wonders of fully functional treasures!

Continuing the journey of vintage items lies at the heart of sustainablity and the eco-consciousness they promote. By choosing vintage, you contribute to reducing waste and minimizing our environmental footprint. We take care to ensure all our items are fully functioning so you can continue using them with the satisfaction of knowing you have something truly special – something not easily replicable.